Please help me with my stainless steel appliances!


Please help me with my stainless steel appliances! They are so frustrating to clean and to keep clean. How do I keep them form getting sticky and greasy. What can I use on them that won’t build up?



I am not sure what you are using on your stainless steel, but most products out there don’t work. This sticky residue can be a result of what you have been putting on it. Lucky for you I have a stainless steel product that actually works! Not only that, it is extremely easy to use, simply spray it on and wipe it. No need to go with the grain and no hard buffing; all without streaking or getting sticky.

If you are only encountering this sticky problem around your stove or hood then your problem could be from grease. Either way I recommend cleaning your appliances with Fred’s Citrus Clean to remove grease and other polishes. Follow up with Fred’s Stainless Steel Polish and Fred’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels. For future maintenance when dealing with finger prints you will be able to just use Fred’s Stainless Steel Polish with the Ultra Plush Microfiber towel. When dealing with grease

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