Why use Fred’s Fine Cleaning
products instead of grocery store products?

  • Larger sizes and refill sizes
  • Cleaning with Fred’s requires less product – works on first application.
  • Fred’s products lean on protection making surfaces stay cleaner longer and are easier to clean thereafter.
  • Fred’s products are able to be used for multiple surfaces requiring fewer products.
  • All Fred’s products outperform all others – when you buy a Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center product it’s going to be used- not tossed under the sink with all the products that didn’t live up to false promises.
  • Other national cleaning brands spend millions on advertising- lowering the quality of the product that they deliver!
  • Buying a cleaning product that ruins expensive surfaces can result in costly repairs. Some costing thousands of dollars. i.e. Stone resurfacing, high-end fixture replacement, stainless steel resurfacing and the list goes on!
  • Using Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center products makes surfaces last longer and is safer for the user!
  • We do not use bleach or ammonia in any of our products.
  • We do not and have never endorsed disposable wipers and mops.