Help! My holiday party is coming up quick and my floors look terrible.


Help! My holiday party is coming up quick and my floors look terrible. They are made of hardwood maple. I mop them practically every other day and they seem to be looking worse and worse. They are very dull and hazy looking. I am using Brand-X, this seems to be the most popular wood floor cleaner sold. Do you have anything that will make the floors clean and shiny again?


It seems the problem is with the product and possibly the procedures you are using that are causing this issue. I would recommend using Fred’s SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner. It is not an alcohol based cleaner like the Brand-X you are using. The proper procedure for caring for your floors is very easy.

First vacuum your floors with a straight suction vacuum equipped with a horsehair floor brush. Then using Fred’s Soclean Wood Floor Cleaner with Fred’s Microfiber Mop, simply spray a light mist on a small area of the floor. Immediately wipe it clean with Fred’s Microfiber Mop, working your way out of the room.You will find that Fred’s Soclean will remove the residue and haze from your floors and they will look new again. Because Fred’s Soclean is not an alcohol-based product it will clean using less product without the dulling effects you have been encountering.

Keeping grit off of your floor is also very important. If you don’t have time to always be vacuuming try using Fred’s Microfiber Dustmop Head on your mop to quickly sweep your floors removing dust, grit and pet hair. Using this system will keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come.

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