I am trying to find a good cleaning solution for my kitchen cabinets.


I am trying to find a good cleaning solution for my kitchen cabinets. I have tried using furniture polish to keep them looking good but noticed they were getting a bit sticky. When I tried taking the “sticky” off with soap and water it didn’t work. I don’t want to use anything too strong. What should I do to get them clean without hurting the wood?


What you are finding is common when using store bought furniture polish. These inferior products leave a sticky wax and other chemical residues that build up along with dirt that sticks to it instead of repelling it. If you have an extreme build up you may have to use two different products to get your wood looking great again.

First start with Fred’s Citrus Clean to remove the wax and dirt build up. This citrus based all purpose cleaner will safely remove the build up and leave your cabinets squeaky clean. Then use Fred’s Citrus Shine to restore the luster to your cabinets.

This product can be used daily with out risk of build up because it contains NO wax and NO silicone. Fred’s Citrus Shine is also great for maintaining on all of your wood furniture, even lacquered pieces that are normally hard to maintain with out streaking. For best results use my Ultra Plush Microfiber towels that are 50 times softer than cotton.

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