Like most family business’ go the story starts at home. Fred learned a strong work ethic from his dad and from his mom the value of a home that is clean and welcoming. His mom had very high standards of cleaning. She had worked from a young age as a housekeeper for high-end clientele.

Fred got his start at the young age of fifteen working at a small janitorial supply store / cleaning company owned by a family friend. He was given the task of taking apart vacuums, cleaning them and restoring them. He also was taken out in the field to learn carpet, floor, window and general home cleaning. This is where he began to learn about cleaning chemicals, their compositions and applications. Three years later Fred was managing the store and responsible for all the vacuum repairs that came in. Two years later he was recruited by a much larger janitorial supply store. He continued to learn about commercial cleaning products, procedures and the importance of using the right product for the task. Over the course of the next decade Fred worked for this company and took a break in between to work for a high-end cleaning company. Fred was responsible for overseeing the cleaning and maintenance of multi million dollar mansions. His knowledge of how to safely maintain and clean extremely delicate and very expensive surfaces was put to the test.

During his time working in the janitorial supply store he observed the high amount of residential customers looking for better cleaning products. He often found himself explaining that just because a cleaner is stronger doesn’t make it better. Often times these commercial chemicals are not safe. Also many people were not aware that the surfaces they were trying to maintain, such as marble and natural stone, could be easily damaged by both the grocery store cleaners as well as the commercial cleaners. Most commercial cleaning products are concentrated. Because people tend to think more is better or they don’t pay attention to the directions these products are often misused. This can lead to both injury and damaged surfaces.

In 2003 Fred, as a father with a family of his own and a home owner himself, realized that having safe and effective products was a serious necessity. Knowing the properties he needed to accomplish this he got to work on his own line of products. The goal was to outperform all other cleaning products while being safe. Also equally important was protecting and prolonging the life of delicate surfaces. These delicate surfaces once only found in high-end homes were now finding their way into all homes. These products would later be branded Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center a complete home care solution.

The Idea

This sparked a discussion at a holiday dinner between Fred, Marla and their mother that led to the idea of a cleaning store. Shortly after Fred introduced his sister Marla to the wide variety of cleaning products available by visiting an international cleaning trade show in Las Vegas. All of the pieces were coming together and the idea was sketched out on a cocktail napkin. It was to be a store where the concept was more of a boutique that felt like an upscale home. Wood and stone floors, marble countertops, oriental carpets, a grand chandelier, stainless steel fixtures and wood bookcase displays.

The focus would be on only the finest cleaning products available. We would not offer any product that we would not use in our own homes regardless of profit potential. Cleaning equipment was sourced from around the world such as window washing equipment from Italy, vacuums from Germany, air purifiers from Switzerland, etc. Microfiber was new and Fred realized the massive potential for it. Fred and Marla were able to source tools for: washing windows, cleaning floors, dusting and towels for all types of cleaning. Microfiber is fifty times softer than cotton and allows for streak free cleaning while using less chemicals. Fred has never endorsed disposable wipers and mops because this throw away concept is not earth friendly regardless of the fact that it’s a billion dollar industry.

The Store Front

Customer service and education were a top priority, showcasing and demonstrating products and procedures on all the surfaces. The focus has always been to continue to service our loyal cliental and make Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center products available to other customer-service oriented stores.

Fred’s product offering was ever expanding by catering to clients requests and needs. Because of this in 2008 a new larger store called Fred’s Home and Gifts was opened. At this point Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center was separated as a brand and wholesale opportunity. The launch was at the VDTA (Vacuum Dealers Trade Association) Show in Las Vegas. Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center was very well received. Small Business owners were looking for high quality specialty products to set themselves apart from their competitors.

Shortly after the trade show the “economic down fall” hit on a large scale and affected business large and mainly small. Fred’s Home and Gifts was not immune from this and had to focus on surviving. Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center is the main reason the store was able to survive!

Fred’s reemerged in a smaller location now called Fred’s Home Store. Almost a decade later Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center division is still strong and continuing to help business’ expand their product offerings with the best high performance, safe cleaning products available.

The Products

Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center is your complete home care solution!

The focus from the start was safe, high performance cleaning products, that actually work and are easy to work with.

No Bleach, No Ammonia, No Disposable Wipers.

These products are safe, user friendly, cost effective, and out perform all others available both domestically and commercially! These formulas along with Marla’s eye for packaging design helped Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center brand products to set its self apart from the crowd. Fred and Marla’s focus on retailing has allowed them to greater understand the need for these products and educating the end user on proper use of the products has always been a priority. Once you use Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center Products you will never go back to grocery store brand products again!

Fred’s high performance cleaning solutions are designed to care for modern day delicate finishes found in today’s homes. These premium quality, eco-friendly solutions offer unsurpassed performance and efficiently maintain and protect your most prized possessions. These practical solutions will make detailing your stone counters, stone floors, wood floors, stainless steel appliances, delicate fixture finishes, high gloss finished woods, imported furniture, cabinets, upholstery, rugs, and plasma screens, to name a few, enjoyable and satisfying!

Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center – You considered every detail – So did Fred!

Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.